Where is the mentioned spotify search improvement?

In the latest newsletter of mycroft this was written:

So if you ask for “Firework”, you’re more likely to get Katy Perry than the Aussie Deathcore band, Make Them Suffer. Even though both artists are worth checking out!

When I install the latest skill on my picroft-mycroft and then ask for firework on spotify I got not katy perry nor the aussie deathcore band.

Are the skill improvements mentioned in the newsletter already public?
@forslund can you tell us something?

Greetings by suisat

Yeah, ok… Apparently it’s not updated on the mycroft-skills repo…will have to check that…

The upgrade has now been properly inserted into the skills repo. A bug in the upload tool seem to have limited the update to a single commit instead the whole shebang.

My home device just updated and will play firework by Katy Perry as advertised (except for when the stt adds an s at the end of the title)

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Thank you. It worked now better!

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