Where is my skills folder (git install)

I want to write my first skill and i am reading the tutorial: https://docs.mycroft.ai/skills.and.features/adding.skills

That’s what the tutorial suggests

cd /opt/mycroft/skills
git clone https://github.com/kfezer/daily_meditation.git

but since I installed it using git I don’t have /opt/mycroft (I see that folder but it’s probably since I previously tried installing mycroft using the debian package).

Inside the git repo I see the following:

tree mycroft/skills/

├── container.py
├── core.py
├── core.pyc
├── __init__.py
├── __init__.pyc
├── intent_service.py
├── intent_service.pyc
├── main.py
├── scheduled_skills.py
├── scheduled_skills.pyc
├── settings.py
├── settings.pyc
├── time_rules.py
└── time_rules.pyc

But I don’t see any folders with the different skills.

additional info: i noticed that if i delete ~/mycroft it’s being created automatically when i start it.

update: i just cleaned my laptop and re-installed mycroft.
as soon as i run ./mycroft.sh start for the first time both /opt/mycroft and ~/.mycroft were created and they both have skills folder with the same skills. I am not sure why…

update: things seems to work now. I cloned the skill into /opt/mycroft/skills and was able to use it without restart.

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Thank you for coming back and updating the thread :slight_smile: