Where are Mycroft MkII builds?

I managed to wipe out my USB drive that came with the Mk II. I thought I had backed it up, but when I try to restore, my backup is corrupt? Where can a new copy be found? Also someone sometime said that backup up to an older version in order to be able to upload the public key to allow ssh and scb access to the MkII. Is that in the same location?

Thanks. And yes, I know about Neon. I’ve been using that too, but I wanted to update my skill from classic to MkII Dinkum before trying to port it to Neon.


I will ping someone about the images, but I would like to start getting users accustomed to the idea that nobody is going to fix Dinkum.

OVOS’ position on Dinkum is that it serves exactly the same purpose as our fork, except we started 18 months earlier and we didn’t break the skill API.

For that reason, we perceive no upside.

Still, you want the image, you should be able to get it. I shall disappear into the hedges and ask around.

Please enjoy at your own risk :wink:

Thank you!

You know, I do understand about Dinkum being dead, but I’m honestly kind of confused about all the alternatives. I get “Neon” as an alternative that has a number of 4-letter acronyms that it uses within itself. And I think one of the is OVOS (Open Voice OS, I guess). But is OVOS also independent or is it only a component to be used in other voice assistants?

I would certainly be happy to use a voice assistant that runs in the MkII box and which is compatible with the skill I wrote for PiCroft.

Thanks for clarifying.

Dang! I was also on that page, and totally missed the hot links. Got it now. Risk taken :slight_smile:

We’re a bit stuck as to where to publicize this, so at the moment it seems to be a user at a time.

OVOS is an open source collective, converting itself into a nonprofit foundation. We started out making a third-party Picroft, which became OpenVoiceOS, and that’s where the name comes from.

Now, however, we are also (perhaps mainly) the surviving fork of Mycroft. It didn’t start as a fork, it started as a superset of Mycroft-core that split it into system services (like Dinkum.)

NeonAI is a fully staffed and for-profit software company, which implements OVOS’ fork and other OVOS software. Their speaker, NeonOS, is much more consumer-friendly than ours, and they’re the ones who’ve formally taken over software support for the Mark II.

All the smart speaker images produced by both entities will run on the Mark II. If you consider yourself more of an end user, I recommend Neon. If you’re interested in tinkering or working directly on the Assistant, OVOS is the place for you.


Thanks! I guess my main desire is to get my skill supporting Hubitat working. I was pretty happy with it on the PiCroft except for the dumpy speakers and mike that I had to set up. I’m not afraid of hacking (and do plenty of it). The only question is where I really want to spend my time :slight_smile:

The thing I’m hyping less, because it ain’t as far along:

@builderjer is now the principal maintainer-dev of OVOS’ Raspian image, headless on a Pi3.

(You want the other ones for your Mark II.)

If you’re interested in skill dev, I suggest OVOS-Manjaro to develop against the bleeding edge, and then periodically boot to NeonOS to make sure end users can enjoy your skill.

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