What's the difference between Adapt & Padatious

Hello everyone, I am comparing all type of parser on different software (google Home, Amazon alexa, ect).
I would like to know what’s the difference between Adapt & Padatious,



this should give you all the information you need:


My colleague @Wolfgange has also put together this excellent guide - I just haven’t had a chance to put it in the docs yet;

So compare to Adapt, Padatious is more usefull no ? because when do we call the word, if the skill is using adapt, does mycroft see all vocab files of all skills until he find the correct word ?

the result of theses parser are the same or it’s different ?

is this a simple search when we use adapt and a expert system for padatious ?

Well i think sometimes adapt makes sense.
if you have a sensitive intent, like “what can you do?”, this intent may easily be misunderstood for a core skill. With adapt you take the words “what” “can” and “do” to get the intent and this works great.

I think (never testet it!) with padatious it could easily be misunderstood.

Like someone wrote on mattermost: sometimes you need a hammer and sometimes a screwdriver

ok but if I have two skills (for example “put on the light” and “put on the TV”) with same words. does adapt will do a Skill.error or not ? I saw that this error appear when I use Padatious.

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