What smart light and socket

Hi all been a while since I’ve been on had a lot of family issues, my son’s been diagnosed with ASD so had a lot of appointments but things are going well, also new account as closed my old email, I see there’s a lot of new skills and that been added, also iv lost every thing :roll_eyes: my sd card became corrupt and there was no saving anything.

So my question for today is what smart sockets and lights do people use at the moment I’m using one smart light from tcp just want to know what everyone else is using

Hmmm, I’m using basically zwave products, as I find them quite easy to use in conjunction with home-assistant, and there are not tied to any big company.

Not a product per se, when I see a good catch, I grab one device.

I use hue lights. They work well and can be run on an offline network.

I use LIFX lights personally.

Have never tried the others so it’s not based on any comparison. I backed the original Kickstarter because I briefly knew some of the people behind it and they are just good humans. Since then though I’ve filled the house because they’re a great product, nice app and infrastructure seems solid.

I use Zigbee2mqtt you can set it up on the same device as mycroft using a light weight domoticz or Home Assistant ort you could set Mycroft skill to do it directly it not that hard … it supports tons of devices if you like my prefered way is setting up BPi-R1 ( and setting up home automation and energy monitoring on the opensource router using openwrt as the OS) . at some point I will set up BPi-R2 on using openwrt and then port Mycroft directly to it… openwrt/LEDE is such a nice Os for these small devices as it highly streamlined and you can easily get 20% more juice out of your little embedded boards

LIFx, currently controlled via Openhab2 (and z-wave quad wallmote switches). Looking forwards to having the MkII to interface with Openhab to control the lights.