What problems do you face building Skills?

Hey all!

I’m new to the Mycroft team and one of the things I’m looking into is Skill Building and how to make it easier. Ideally, it will be streamlined and easy, so, if you’re new, you can sit down and write a relatively easy skill in a short time frame.

So, in general, what kind of issues do you have in terms of building skills and what kinds of tools would help? These are extremely open-ended questions, so answer however you would like, but the more specific you are, the more helpful.

Could do with an easy command line tool to fire a sentence into my skill, to test it; then to have the development cycle as short as possible so it doesn’t take much effort once I’ve made any fixes to the code, to get that skill back updated and running without needing to reset things¸ then quickly fire the same command in -eg. cursor back up my cli history then press enter, or automate it in an IDE (does it automatically reload updated code at present, like Django development server does for instance? its a little while since I had a go - gave up 'cos the google voice interpretation got it wrong 80% of the time for me with my Brit accent)