What is the Home Security Connection?

Hi. I was shopping for a voice-controlled home security and IoT system by ADT or Honeywell or Wink, whatever, when MyCroft came to my attention, and I thought maybe this is the way to go. I understand that I need a Mark II. But I’ve been looking all over the website and in the videos, trying to find anything that explains how to hook my Mark II to a home security system. Since you aren’t selling sensors and cameras, obviously it will be some third-party system.
I’m really interested in setting this up, but at the moment I’m not thinking in terms of programming new skills or creating new devices; I just want to use it to secure my house. So, where can I find the documentation for doing that, please?

Hi @GollyRojer,

Do you already have installed any security system or plan to buy one?

You will need a Mycroft-skill that supports your specific system. There are already several skills for homeautomation systems (e.g. homeassistant, OpenHab, Fhem) which support “IoT” and if you are lucky your favorite sensors and actors (e.g.Wink). By this you would be able to say something like “Hey Mycroft, arm the alarm system” or “Hey Mycroft, unlock the front door”.

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The sensor system for windows and doors is, I believe, as old as the house: 36 years. It is wired. The consoles have been replaced a few times and are currently Go!Control by 2gigtechnologies. This apparently is not a well-known product, as SimpliSafe and other security companies do not list it as being compatible with their equipment. The cameras were installed over the past five or six years, and the DVR that managed them has died.

What type of functionality are you looking for in a voice assistant to augment your system? This may assist the community in recommending / developing skills and interfaces.

hey dominik,
i was also searching for the same issue . thanks for your answer. it was helpful for me