What is the configuration (or Howto configure) for Mycroft STT and Kaldi STT in French?


In the file
github .com /MycroftAI/mycroft-core/blob/dev/mycroft/stt/init.py
I can see that Mycroft can use 6 STT for local host or cloud host:

  • local host:
    “mycroft”: MycroftSTT,
    “kaldi”: KaldiSTT

  • cloud host:
    “google”: GoogleSTT,
    “google_cloud”: GoogleCloudSTT,
    “wit”: WITSTT,
    “ibm”: IBMSTT,

And in the file github .com /MycroftAI/mycroft-core/blob/dev/mycroft/configuration/mycroft.conf
the default configuration for STT is:
// Speech to Text parameters
// Override: REMOTE
“stt”: {
// Engine. Options: “mycroft”, “google”, “wit”, “ibm”, “kaldi”
“module”: “mycroft”
// “kaldi”: {
// “uri”: “http:// localhost:8080/client/dynamic/recognize”
// }

I want to use Mycroft STT or Kaldi STT for french language, what are the parameters that I need to add in the mycroft.conf configuration file for this language and each STT software ?

PS : for the patchs for the official mycroft skills, can I send patchs by github .com /MycroftAI/mycroft-core/issues or do I need to use github .com /MycroftAI/mycroft-skills#how-to-add-skills-to-the-repo or the Make changes part here github .com /MycroftAI/mycroft-core/blob/dev/CONTRIBUTING.md ?

Thank you for your help.

Bonsoi @yleny,

I’ve just written some new documentation for Mycroft in French:

Does this help at all?

The fr patches for the Skills should be submitted to the repo for that particular Skill.


Bonsoir Kathy

No, the part “2. Select and configure an speech-to-text(STT) with French support” in the wiki GitHub - MycroftAI/mycroft-core: Mycroft Core, the Mycroft Artificial Intelligence platform. does not work because the patch #655 - i18n: spanish stt based on local pocketsphinx by SoloVeniaASaludar · Pull Request #656 · MycroftAI/mycroft-core · GitHub to add pocketspinx STT support in mycroft-core source code in the Git repositery is not comitted.
The text-to-speech(TTS) with espeak with french language is OK and works.

I try to use Kaldi as STT (Spech To Text) with Mycroft-core but it is not easy.
Compiling Kaldi is very very very long.
Now I need to process french voices for language model files required by Kaldi.

Do I need to follow the steps in the document/URL below for this task but with the MycroftAI/mycroft-skills
Git repositery ?

Merci de votre aide.


Bonsoir @yleny, merci de information utile.

Thanks for letting me know about the un-merged PR - I will flag this internally because many other languages use PocketSphinx as well, and this will affect the other languages too. I will raise this internally and see if we can get it merged into mycroft-core.

Regarding submitting patches for fr language additions for a Skill, each Skill has a different GitHub repo. The mycroft-skills repo uses the GitHub modules functionality to collect them together:

So, to submit a PR to skill-npr-news, the PR should be raised on the


I’m not sure if I’m explaining this clearly - does that help?


Bonjour Kathy,

Ok, Thank you.

Can you also support this ticket :
i18n: filter skill by supported language

I will try the process in CONTRIBUTING.md for committing and if it is not clear, I will come back to you for more explanations.


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Thank @yleny - I will flag that i18n PR too.

Salut, Kathy