What is Mycroft for?

Hi all,

I am a new user. I’m not sure I understood the purpose of Mycroft.

I would like to develop a chatbox for an hostipal. So solution like wit.ai, watson,… are not possible since the data
must remain local in the hospital’s servers.

My guess is that Mycroft could help me. But

  1. When I launch ./start-mycroft.sh debug I get the following message

I’m connected to the internet and need to be activated. Open your browser and visit home dot mycroft dot A I to register this device.

So I have the feeling that mycroft is not running on my machine but is trying to send my queries to an external server.

  1. I did not understand how to customize the answer. Whatever I typed in the consol, I always get

Sorry, I didn’t catch that. Please rephrase your request

  1. Does exist a hook in the code such that I can query a database to improve the content of the answer.

What did I wrong?

Thanks for your help and feel free to contact me if you need more details.

Currently, the voice processing is done (anonymized) in the cloud, but “skills” that you write for it to act on run locally.

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Thanks for your answer.

Is there documentation that explains the algorithms used in the cloud?
For example, how voice is anonymized? Is the voice store in cloud? Does the voice help to improve some IA algorthim?