What happens next?

I’ve been following the news about Mycroft winding down and keep coming back to one question- What will happen to the investment in the tooling required to make the hardware?

I’ve only peeked inside my mark 2, but from what I can tell, its a mix of injection molded parts on the outside, 3d printed parts on the inside, as well as a few custom PCBs and off the shelf parts. With the exception of the exterior plastic, making a new mycroft wouldn’t be something out of reach of individuals. Heck, Neon.ai even sells fully 3d printed versions of the mk2 (Purchase a Mark II with full support and immediate delivery! | Neon AI).

I’d love to have more mk2’s in my house, and think it would be a fun project to do, but i have a HUGE preference for the professional look of injection molded parts over 3d prints. Even creating custom PCBs is in the reach of individuals; especially if you are comfortable with SMD soldering.

Are there any plans to continue manufacturing of the injection molded parts, or is even that not economical?


All good questions.

I’ve been anxiously waiting for Update from the CEO: Part 2, but it’s been almost 3 weeks and still waiting. It’s cool to see you can still purchase a Mark II form Neon, but the price is still $500 for what may or may not (I’m a little confused on this fact actually) be a 3d printed enclosure and off the shelf parts? Will those dry up too without the custom PCBs, or are they licensed to make their own versions? What’s going to happen with Mycroft’s Mimic3 software, or their new Grokotron STT engine? Is Neon picking that up too? Someone else? No one else?

So many questions, so few answers.

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I’m not sure if it’s of interest to you, but mastodon user @geb@fosstodon.com published this video, which I thought was cracking STT work, using their “numen” STT engine.