What happened to Mycroft Enterprise?

What happened to Mycroft Enterprise? The page comes back with 404.


Hey @flieger - @eric-mycroft can explain this one a bit better than I can :slight_smile:

Hey @flieger, we’re reevaluating when and how we approach b2b opportunities for Mycroft and are making sure the core technologies and Mark II have proper focus for now.

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While I do understand I did want to say that I’m disappointed to hear that this is on the back burner.

While in all honestly this is currently ‘just another project on my todo list’ and not a top priority it is one of the main reasons I’ve been playing with (and signed up as a supporter for) Mycroft…I was very much interested in something I could move toward eventually running in-house and reduce dependencies on an external service that is processing voice.


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Hey Erik.

The ability to run independently is still on the roadmap for general users, and eventually enterprise grade clients, just on different timelines.
Check out Jarbas’ private backend in the meantime and stay tuned.

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I have to say that I’m with Erik on this one. Enterprise is a huge opportunity for Mycroft with it’s open source nature and the flexibility that’s coming in Persona. If workflows could be incorporated into Mycroft, it would be amazing. Just consider this quick scenario:

User1: Hey Mycroft, can you please restart the CMS server on devservername01?
Mycroft_User1: One moment.
Mycroft_Admin1: User1 is currently requesting a restart of the CMS server on devservername01. Can I proceed?
Admin1: Yes.
Mycroft_Admin1: Authorization received.
Mycroft_User1: Restart of the CMS server on devservername01 was authorized by Admin1. The service has been restarted.

This would save SO much time and effort. I’m already excited about Persona and what it can do for me with some customized skills, but there’s so much more that Mycroft has the potential to do in the enterprise market. Even for small businesses, the potential is awesome! Imagine granting Mycroft modem support so that Mycroft could answer a phone. A simple skill to access a shared calendar, and Mycroft could schedule meetings received by phone from customers. It could replace expensive call routing systems. I would love to see Mycroft get some love in these markets because Mycroft has opportunities no other voice assistants can replicate because of it’s open source nature.

I’m rambling now, but I would love to see more attention paid to Enterprise Mycroft. So much opportunity.

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