What do you call your Mycroft? - Wakeup word

Just as a bit of fun, I wonder what custom wakeup words people use for their Mycrofts…

Whilst I have no problem with “Mycroft”, for “family acceptance” reasons I felt a less “bookish” name would be better.
I changed mine a few times to find a word long enough and with enough inflection to make it easier for the engine to not false trigger etc. etc. and I ended up with…


I use the Google “voice” for the same reasons as above, which is female, so it seems to fit well :slight_smile:

What is your name for your device?

My daughter had an imaginary friend when she was a toddler. Now that she is a teen, I have brought her imaginary friend “Kelsey” to “life”. She thinks that is cool.

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I don’t have a Mycroft set up yet (Maybe if I pick up a Pi 3 sometime), but kind of considering renaming it “Crossbar” if I set one up. (Think the old mechanical crossbar exchange switches.) Maybe set it to use a female voice if I find a compatible one that I like.

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I would use “Jarvis”… well you know why.


One of mine is called HAL.

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I had the idea of looking through Shakespearean insults for a name, which probably doesn’t help you with being less bookish, but I didn’t find one I liked so I just use the name Shakespeare


Mine is called “vicky” since she is the bad robot in the “i,robot” movie ;-).


I call mine Hobbes in honor of Calvin and Hobbes.

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I call mine $VERY_BAD_NAMES when I’m debugging and not working as intended :wink:


How, exactly, do you change the name it answers to besides the 4 names listed in the setup ?

I tried editing the < /var/tmp/mycroft_web_cache.json > but that had no effect

Hey Spyder, any chances made to that file will be overwritten from your home.mycroft.ai settings.

There’s instructions to set this up at:

It starts with Precise wake words, then goes onto PocketSphinx. If you want a custom Precise model but not comfortable with the training aspect you can ask in this thread and a community member might help you out, you’d just need to provide the relevant audio samples: Custom wakewords R Us!

I recommend using the mycroft-config helper command to edit your config (in mycroft-core/bin if you didn’t add these to your $PATH during setup). This tool validates your configuration when you save the file. It’s so easy to miss a comma or something and this saves a lot of frustrating debugging.

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