What about Contributor license agreement of Mycroft AI

Can anyone tell me about Contributor license agreement . Here : https://mycroft.ai/cla/
Does the license affect my editing of the code
In next project my team use mycroft ai , they edit code and change something of it .Do need license to do it ?
Plz reply :slight_smile:

Hi @nguyenhungsync, great question.

You can read more about our decision to use the Apache license in this blog post from our CTO.

The best summary I’ve seen is this great write up on TL;DR Legal which spells out exactly what your obligations are under the license.

If your team releases the code you’ve built, then you MUST do the following:

  • Include a copyright notice with the released code
  • Include the full Apache License text with the released code
  • Provide information on how the code has been modified from the original