Webcam, OpenCv and Python Deep learning support

Everyone who programs these features would take this to a new level! Then this software would have brains and vision! Then could really call it AI! What do you all think! I know before some of you recommend Jarbas’ skill here are some problems I found with it!
1st it had problems installing in to some directories so I had to remove it but system couldn’t find the app! Then after I SU’d in the terminal I tried to reinstall and it said it couldn’t because it was already installed!
2nd when I tried to uninstall it again I was told it was not installed and I could not find it and I ask for help but didn’t get what I needed so after I played with it and just reversing the install for msm to remove and the link it was taken out!
3rd after reinstalling still some errors with python which is installed but it said it installed! Then did a msm list and guess what? Not in the list! didn’t feel too good about that so removed it again and decided if they are trying to hide for Mycroft I don’t need them in the system!
So if anyone can help I would be very interested! Thanks in advance!

Several things…msm won’t find it, as it’s not submitted to the 18.8 branch. This doesn’t mean it’s trying to be hidden, just that it’s not been sent in for review on that branch. You can use msm and the github URL to install a skill if you wish, of course, but that’s intended for tinkering level folks.

Also, do not use su/sudo with skills, as it generally ends up in a worse state.

If you have a more specific goal that you’re trying to accomplish, perhaps submit as a skill suggestion?

Thanks for the reply and I am or at least try to be very careful! Some items you try to install can’t be installed into some of the paths so you have to sudo if you want them installed! I will follow your advice though and refrain from SU or Sudo unless there is no other way! I know the program is new and I know it has probably come a long way since it’s first days! I hope to be around to see it evolve into a really kick ass system that can truly be artificial intelligence that can carry on long conversations and actually see so to speak whom it is talking with! That would be so cool!

you tried to install my fork of mycroft from my old account, that starts with ZZZ-, is marked as archived and has lots of warnings in the readme… last commit was over a year ago, in this case it was not even a skill you tried to install

if you read the readme you will notice right at the start:

This repo is now deprecated, updated links




everything can break anytime! support for this branch is limited to me alone, folks from mycroft community may not be able to help

so, please don’t try to use any of my repos that start with ZZZ or are archived, if it’s not in the skills store at very least read the readme

back to opencv etc. i have not had time to update those skills, they are in need of some love and i will try to get back to them, i have been extremely busy with chatterbox and probably won’t have time for a while,

consider everything not in the skills store broken for now, specially repos made before msm and py2 to py3 move! if you know how to code fixes are often trivial, but right now i cant provide support

with the mark2 coming i think its better if i wait before doing more camera/display stuff, since it will likely introduce new apis and break things again soon…

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