Web Client for MyCroft

Will there be a web client for MyCroft?

Some ways I could imagine finding that useful would be (for example) if you are in the library, and just realized you forgot to lock the door. Your phone is also out of battery, so you use the library’s computer, go to your MyCroft’s website, and unlock the door from there. It’s a bit of a stretch, but with a web client (even a very basic one) MyCroft would be accessible on anything with a web browser and internet connection.

Skills could also provide support for a web client; for example, if a door locking skill allowed the user to unlock/lock the door, then they could provide a way for the user to do so through the website.

What do you think?


Sounds like a good idea. I would make sure there was some sort of security setup, of course. Maybe two-factor, though that wouldn’t work if your phone battery was flat as above :). But at least a login. Interface wouldn’t have to be much, maybe just a text entry box to type your instructions and a response box to come back, maybe a saved list of favorite commands/queries if we wanted to get fancy. I assume there’s a way to send text instructions to Mycroft? Haven’t dug in that far yet.

Actually now I think of it, maybe what would be better is a web service? Simple send & receive would not, I think, be too difficult. And of course would open up connectivity to all kinds of setups. The web client would just basically be a nice front-end to it. Yeah, I’m likin’ this idea.

I think it’d be very useful to allow a Mycroft service to be accessible via a web browser or mobile app.

It’d be nice if Mycroft had an API like Amazon Alexa Voice Service which allows you to integrate the Alexa service in mobile or web apps.


There’s a really cool example of a “virtual” Alexa you can use from the browser after you authenticate with your Amazon account that I think would be an awesome showcase for mycroft:

The source code is also available:

Agreed. I would love to have a web app version. I personally hate mobile apps, and think the browser (where progressive web apps are supported anyway) can do a good enough or better job in most cases. Are the Android/iOS apps (slated-to-be) webview-based? That might make things easier.

I know this is an older thread but did anything ever become of this? I have an avatar I would like to incorporate with MyCroft but it needs a web client or a way to interact with mycroft via a browser.

can you open a websocket or make a https api call? off course you can

mycroft server edition, lots of ways to hook mycroft around -> https://github.com/JarbasAl/jarbas-core/tree/server/mycroft/server

there is a web client from jcasoft aswel - https://github.com/jcasoft/Mycroft-Web-Client

i have made clients with remi (closed source), if you really want a quick start to serve a web gui locally check this https://github.com/JarbasAl/jarbas-core/blob/server/mycroft/client/remi/main.py , super easy to expand

all this is work in progress/ proof of concept

I made a small test using a websocket. I just put the code online on github.

It very simple, and might not be the best code, but you should be able to implement your own character.

I’d appreciate if MyCroft could release an Android/iOS client.

Edit: Didnt knew about the Mycroft companion app. It’s awesome!

Ronny Sharma

Something like this?

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I am developing a Telegram-Bot-Skill: https://github.com/luke5sky/telegram-skill

i think it supports everything that was discussed above.
Anywhere, over APP or Web (web.telegram), secure (bottoken and clientID Whitelisting).

And i could use some testers before making a pull request :wink:

Just put the github link in the custom install field in home.mycroft.ai, make a telegram-bot and give it a try

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It could also let you do things like use an Arduino or Pi Zero to control mycroft, using mycroft as a central control unit, and so you could have more functions, like an amazon go button from an arduino. Or potential commercial users could use mycroft as a platform, not just an assistant, like you could have a terminal (from a pi) where someone could log some sort of data on a central computer (probably a server, not just a pi) That seems like a big idea but I think mycroft could be much more than a voice assistant, it could be a manager for other functions.

Any there any updates on the latest option to be able to access MyCroft via Browser?