Weather Skill Suggestion

I know different weather services/APIs can return different results, but after using MyCroft for several years (Mark I and now Mark II), the weather is severely lacking in relevance unless you know the three things to ask it every time.

Case in point today. My weather is currently overcast with rain and snow possible in the next 24 hours.

Asking Mycroft the weather, I get the temperature and it is overcast.
I then ask (every day as it is required most days) ‘Will it rain today’. MyCroft’s answer today is no.
I then ask ‘Will it snow’ (only because I already know it is very likely). MyCroft’s answer today is no, it is overcast.

I ask Alexa (the other device I have) for the weather and I get, the current weather being overcast as well as information that is will be rain mixed with snow and FYI, we are in a winter weather warning.

Since roughly 66% of queries for voice assistance are weather related, I think this is an area which needs to be very polished, and accurate. MyCrofts current weather paints it as a hobby device rather than a contender for this area of use.

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Wait, what? Do you have a source for this?

I believe the most common use is to play music. Here’s one source:

-Mike Mac

Correct, music is #1 with 75%, but it is not the only act in town. Weather comes in second with 66% and setting alarms/reminders 3rd with 58% per Voice Search: Top 10 Voice Search Statistics to Watch for in 2022.

Point is they are not a one trick pony and the top interactive options need to be polished.


Nice source, thanks :grinning:

-Mike Mac
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Another example of ‘bad’ weather reporting from this morning…

Me: Mycroft. What’s today’s weather?
Mycroft: It is overcast clouds with a high of 36 and a low of 29

Me: Mycroft. When will it rain next?
Mycroft (in a static robotic voice): There is a 79% chance of rain on Tuesday.

Me: MYCROFT!!! (more stern due to weird voice) When will it rain next?
Mycroft: There is rain at morning.

Me: Mycroft. Will it rain today?
Mycroft: No. Today will be overcast.

Hard to have trust in a device that contradicts itself.

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