We funded @ $127k - Hit Linux Desktop Stretch Goal

We funded! That seems like a foregone conclusion since we hit our original goal of $99k a few days ago, but for a good portion of the campaign it was up in the air. We think the community around Mycroft, throwing their support behind the effort, made all the difference - pushing us above and beyond our original goal. So we have to say “Thank you”. This is your victory as much as it is ours, as you guys made it happen.

We made it to the Linux desktop stretch goal. That means, starting with Unity 7 & 8, the Linux desktop (and other Linux-powered devices) are getting Mycroft. To be completely transparent on this, we have already reached out to @WillCooke to help us track down some Unity devs who can help us do this. So you’ll likely see some new faces join the team to accomplish this goal.

Beyond that, we realized some people already are talking about how they missed the Kickstarter and would like to get their hands on a Mycroft and pledge money to the effort. To accommodate, we spun up an extended campaign over on Indiegogo, to give those who missed the original campaign a chance to get a Mycroft (however the best deals were in the Kickstarter, so don’t fret if you’ve already backed). We will be posting up super stretch goals (you know, stretch goals beyond our original stretch goals) on that campaign.

Link here: Mycroft: Open Source Artificial Intelligence | Indiegogo

Once again, we can’t say thank you enough. This really wouldn’t have been possible without all of our backers and fans who helped us get here.


Congrats to all of you.

Can’t wait to use it on my phone. And if the linux client is ready for 15.10, sure I’ll demo it at the Opensource Summit Paris and at the Ubuntu Party Paris

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So happy that the stretch goal was reached!

Just a thought - I would love to see Mycroft as part of the HUD on Unity 7 (and 8 if/when it gets one). I’ve never used it much because to me it always felt like it was missing something.

Anyway, best of luck to everyone involved in making this happen! :smiley:

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@A-Doal that is the plan! Working with @WillCooke to find the right folks to help make this happen! :slight_smile:

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