We are using Mycroft to build a digital asssitant for manufacturing

Hello Mycroft Community,

I would like to make you aware of the research project COALA that uses Mycroft to build a Digital Intelligent Assistant for manufacturing. We started last year with a generous grant from the European Union’s research program Horizon 2020 and just finished our requirements analysis phase. Our consortium will build and evaluate prototypes for augmented analytics and on-the-job training in the next 2.5 years.

COALA’s development roadmap foresees that we enhance the Mycroft core and the Android App with features needed in factories. On top of our list are these features:

  • Securing the Mycroft message bus and interaction with the App.
  • Integrate QR code reading in the App to use this data in conversations.
  • Integrating image uploads in the App to use them in conversations.
  • Improve the user experience when uttering web links and other view-only data.

We would like to align with the Mycroft team and any other Mycroft enthusiast out there. Soon, the COALA team will create forks in GitHub, update the project’s website to share our requirements, and ramp up the development work. Check our website or get in contact via Twitter and LinkedIn.

Website: Link
Twitter: Link
LinkedIn: Link

Best regards


Hello and wow! On behalf of the standard gaggle of community devs, I cordially invite you to MycroftAI’s chat server (linked in the top bar) where we will have lots to talk about:

  • A major community project which secures the message bus and interaction, among other things
  • The official and a major unofficial GUI project
  • Many of us are makers, so some of us have thoughts about Mycroft for manufacturing (indeed, I was a mill operator)

I have been working in manufacturing for over 30 years as a systems integrator and have been thinking about integrating mycroft.ai into manufacturing ever since I stumbled across the project several years ago now. I would love to see a natural language interface to equipment maintenance logs, fault logs, and production reports. “hey mycroft… how many widgets did we make today?”, “hey mycroft… what production line was the most efficient last shift?”, “hey mycroft… give me the top 3 down-time reasons on assembly line 1 last quarter”. This would be next level.


Hello and thanks for the positive feedback. Indeed, the manufacturing world offers a very wide range of applications for voice assistants - especially ones that focus privacy.
COALA will have 4 main components:

  • augmented prescriptive analytics to support data analytics and related prescriptions (like pcwii’s examples)
  • cognitive advisor to give users advices while they perform tasks
  • product avatar to inform users about item status
  • "why"-engine to ensure explainability

Not all components may be Open Source though because they are independent services (they have an interface that we access during conversations). I think, we will have more discussions in the chat soon.

It is really beginning to expand, I hope Mycroft Mark II can get in production…

Seeed Studion is offering a ‘reTerminal’ product around one of the Pi4 modules,
all along these lines…

Hi Stefan, welcome to the community!

Looks like a very excellent use of Mycroft - and as an Aussie I highly approve of your name / logo :smiley:

Looking forward to lots of useful conversations on the above