Wake word stops responding after 30-40 mins

Im about 24hrs into my first pi croft experience I am using v0.8.1 The setup and registration went well I was getting responses time date weather etc after about half an hour the wake word stopped working view log shows waiting for wake word…

I dropped to the comand line

I did a test_microphone and got a recording back
I did a say time comand from the comand line and got a response

I rebooted no change, I reformated the SD card and re flashed the SD card with the v0.8 image register a new device and it worked again for about a half hour then stopped responding to the wake word.

Has anyone got a suggestion to try next

have seen the same problem “mycroft stops repsonding to wak word after 30 min”.
My stetup is v0.8, Pi3, Official Pi Power supply, external 3.3 speaker, Ethernet cable, no microphone ( yet - in purchase mode).
The device is still alive as when I shut it down from cmd line it talks.

I’ve had this happen to me, too. I’m now using version 0.8b, and it apparently doesn’t respond to my voice commands after a few minutes.

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Hello all,

Ive been working on my Mycroft for about a month, and after various mics i finally got it to hear me, But now i have this problem where its only for about 5 mins.
Did anyone find out what was causing this?

Sorry to hear about the issues. The Picroft install should work pretty well out of the box.

It should continue to listen.

What power supply are you using?

Are you getting any errors?

Hello Karl.
As far as I can tell it is still listening but doesn’t recognise me any longer.
I have now tried the same setup with my rasp pi 1 and my brothers rasp pi 3, the rasp pi 3 worked until I restarted it and it updated itself, But in the end bit stops recognising me.
I am using stock power supply for both.
My mic is a PlayStation eye 3 which was recommended here somewhere.