Wake word not working raspberry


I know there is several same topic about that but I can’t solve my problem consulting these topics.

I’m using mycroft on a raspberry Pi 3 with a seed 4mics voicecard in input and a loudspeaker for the output. The voice detection is working because when I ask to set a timer in CLI area, it detect the time I want to put.
But the wake word is not working. I’m using “Hey Mycroft”.

Thank you for your help.

Hi gg,

Can I check how you installed Mycroft, was it using one of our Picroft images or did you install it manually using the git method?

In ~/.mycroft/precise do you have both:


Can you check the mic input levels by running alsamixer from the commandline. I assume this is fine if it’s picking up your voice for follow up utterances but worth checking just in case.


I used picroft images.

In ~/.mycroft/precise , I do have precise-engine (displayed in blue) and precise-engine_0.2.0_armv71.tar.gz (displayed in red).

Running alsamixer, I have the 4th CH digital at 80% but I don’t have any ADC PGA gain.

Thank you!

Hi gg,

I was just wondering if you try playing a video of Mycroft demo to see if other voices saying “Hey Mycroft” were able to trigger the wake word?

The Precise listener is fairly good at hearing different accents as we have users from all over the world. But playing someone else saying the wake word would be a good way to test this.

You could actually do that by adding this to mycroft.conf before you pair your device;

“listener”: {
“mute_during_output”: false

Works every time :slight_smile:

Mycroft after pairing; You can now say things like, “Hey Mycroft…”

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Boom, nice one, I had not thought of that!

Or even simpler is putting above in your mycroft.conf and use the “say” command at the CLI.