Wake On Lan Skill

I guess there were some before, but I think it was a nice first skill to get comfortable with mycroft and python. Also I could not believe that there is none in the market place already.


This is a simple skill that can send the so called Magic Packet to a device (computer/server etc.) that supports WakeOnLan so that it boots up if it was sleeping.

How to install Wake On Lan Skill

  • Install Wake On Lan Skill by …

mycroft-msm install GitHub - Peyos/wake-on-lan-skill: A skill for Mycroft.ai which can send magic packages.

  • Dependencies are ‘wakeonlan’ from pip. But should be installed automatically since there is a manifest.yml (if this does not work, please tell me)

  • The skill requires the configuration of devices in the skill settings to work. Please have a look at the Skill Settings page and try to identify how. I am not happy with my solution but I also did not want to have an arbitrary number of devices possible to be configured. Sadly there seems to be no way at the moment to configure “arrays”, so that the user can “add” as many items as he pleases. Then it would look nicer. (Depending on how ugly you all find my workaround, I am willing to discuss with you what else I could do :slight_smile: )

How to test Wake On Lan Skill

  • Configure the Skill Settings in home.mycroft.ai
  • The configured device should support WakeOnLan as well as have it enabled and it should be currently in hibernate (so that the Magic Packet can work)
  • Speak:

“Boot up my {device}”
“Wake up my {device}”

  • Mycroft should ask for confirmation and if responded with “yes”, then the device should start.

If something goes wrong on the way (wrong config or something else) Mycroft should tell you roughly what the issue was.

Feedback on Wake On Lan Skill:

What I want feedback on are the following points:

  • Are the intents fitting? Would you expect this Skill to be used this way? Could there be any conflicts with other skill? (After I have some input from you all, I will try to create a few of those new and fancy tests with the harsh name.)
  • Is my Skill Settings page ok the way it is or a no go? What would you prefer instead?
  • Is the Skill coded well? (I am not used to python but want to get better at it.)
  • Other feedback is welcome equally! (Like does the skill work, or would you want to use it, etc…)

If there are issues with the skill, please feel free to discuss it here in this post or in a Mycroft Chat.
If you find a bug or something that should be improved you can also write an Issue directly in GitHub https://github.com/Peyos/wake-on-lan-skill