Wake Grumpy Mycroft

Grumpy Mycroft Skill

As a user I want this Skill to be more naturally human and on the wake word occasionally awake a grumpy Mycroft who will be rude and ignore the skill requested on occasional random requests.

“Mycroft Lights on” “Mycroft this, Mycroft that, Do it yourself”
“Mycroft Play The Doors” “Go play with your self!”

Prob have a list a general list of retorts and specific skill retorts.
But life would be much more bearable with an unbearable Mycroft :slight_smile:


A Black Books style assistant :slight_smile:

Chance and others have been talking about some personality weightings and probability that could incorporate this. The rough idea being you may not want a surly response every single time, and variation keeps it interesting.

I think it was this issue if you’re interested: https://github.com/MycroftAI/mycroft-core/issues/2436

Yeah that would be perfect :slight_smile: Just needs to be a user installed skill rather than default as occasionally being annoying and having a bad day is part of he fun.

If you have chosen to install it then your just going to have to accept angry Mycroft! :slight_smile:
I guess you could have an intent ‘Cheer up’ which silences for 24hr.

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