Volumio player integration

Skill name: Volumio Integration.

User story: I made a Home Assistant hardware and a Volumio Hardware and Want a same integration they have but to use my Mycroft to control Volumio player

Some one is working with this…?

Some one…?

for Home Assistant see here:

and here:

and here:

I Know this skill for mycroft control Home Assistant but its not I seek.
I seek a skill in mycroft who made the same control home assistant does on Volumio,
In fact the home assistant “discovey” on config yaml make home assistant detect a volumio player on network and automatic create a control in home assistant to control volumio with no specific user configuration.
I understand the home assistant send a mqtt commands in format like the browser send in the moment you control remotely the volumio player.
like they show on this video.

Please some idea about this…?

Isn’t Volumio not just a prepped MPD server? In that case you could use a mpd based skill;

(Or perhaps through mopidy)

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After a quick read it does sound like the mpd skill might work but I’ve not yet updated it for the 18.8 changes and it should aldo be updated for the new common play skill framework.

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Ok when sey to my here its update and I install and test with my volumio system.

This is the box with touch screen:

This is the screen of browser commanding the volumio:

This is the home assistant screen show the volumio play:

The volumio stay in one fix ip on the network and de home assistant detects e show this.

I want the volumio can control for one skill like the home assistant does.

If the skill works I test for you here.

Thanks a lot.

Does this skill work? https://andlo.gitbook.io/mycroft-skills-list/skill-writers/coppertick/volumio-control-skill.coppertick, It seems a bit sketchy, with no notes or anything. I would like to also have volumio implimented in mycroft. I have home assistant, I just dont know the best way of getting commands through from mycroft.