Volume gets set to 0 randomly and other issues

I’m experiencing very a number of odd behaviors. I’ve installed mycroft on an intel i7 nuc running ubuntu 18.04.5 and connected a seeedstudio Respeaker 4 Mic Array to it.

First, I often find the volume level of the Respeaker gets set to 0, seemingly randomly, and stays there. I cannot figure out why this is happening and I’m not using an auto-volume skill or anything.

edit: it also likes to randomly go to 6

Second, it’s running really slow. 2-3 seconds after detecting the wake word, I get the beep to speak. Then after it finishes recording, it takes about 1 second to detect the command (“what time is it”) then 4-5 seconds for the response to appear in the cli and another couple seconds before I hear it (assuming it the volume hasn’t magically been set to 0)

Third, one time I started to get the “xcb_connection_has_error() returned true” messages in the cli after about every line of log message. BUT, when that was happening, mycroft was incredibly fast. About a second to process the wakeword and respond with the beep and a second or two total to tell me the time. Thinking my problems were fixed, I went ahead and rebooted and then it went back to running slow.

I have no CPU resource issue (eight cores that barely go over 20%). I run it headless and SSH into it and have x11 forwarding enabled. I assume that’s where I might be getting the “xcb_connection_has_error() returned true” error from… but I’m not running any actual gui sessions 99% of the time.

Any suggestions would be helpful… I’m at a bit of a loss.

Seems X11 forwarding is the culprit. With it disabled, everything runs peachy.

However, I still need a solution that allows x11 forwarding.

I am experiencing the same (or a similar) issue. I am running Mycroft directly from a terminal (no remote access or virtualization). I can tell it to set volume to some level, and it replies that it is setting volume to that level. But when I do a sound check, it tells me that the volume is set to zero. Any thoughts on why this is happening?