Volume Control skill in kde not working

I see that many skills are already installed by default.
By trying the mycroft-gui installed in my Kubuntu 20.10, I can interact with mycroft, though a bit slow, but I cannot interact with volume control at all.
How do I enable/debug that?

what do you mean by interact? Per GUI/Plasmoid - the one you swipe in? That’s a pavucontrol plugin i think - and has nothing in common with the skill?

By interact i mean ask her something like weather or timers.
Regarding the plasmoid it does not work, see Kubuntu 20.10: it does not work (#2) · Issues · Utilities / Plasma Mycroft Applet · GitLab
What is the pavucontrol plugin that I need?

volume control on plasma requires another skill, i am not sure if its still working but you can try GitHub - AIIX/audio-control-plasma: Plasma 5 Desktop Audio Controls for Mycroft which enables users to Increase/Decrease Volume Controls

Plasmoid has been fixed in latest git master

Thanks I’ll try.
Regarding the installation of skills, I’m now installing them using mycroft itself but I was wondering if it’s possible to install then via github clone too. If yes, how?


yes you can install using git clone but would be best to do it via msm as that handles dependency installations as well

cd mycroft-core
source .venv/bin/activate
msm install https://github.com/AIIX/audio-control-plasma

or if you want to install it via git clone

cd /opt/mycroft/skills/
git clone https://github.com/AIIX/audio-control-plasma
source ~/mycroft-core/.venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
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Is there a wiki to do this all?
Install mycroft, the gui, the skills, the desktop related skills, and other basic steps to start with mycroft?

The skill worked fine the day I installed but after reboot it stopped working.
Tried to remove and install it again but nothing

I’m writing a tutorial here Mycroft KDE - Pastebin.com