VoIP support for mycroft

Today, I came across a nice API my SIP provider has: sipgate.io

Basically, the SIP provider opens one special page on your webserver every time on an incoming call. Some additional data like caller number is provided via POST request. So I thought it would be a nice feature that mycroft reacts on such request and informs on the incoming call (maybe with full name by doing an address book lockup).

But why should mycroft only telling me the name of the caller? It would be great that mycroft includes its own SIP client so I can answer a call directly using mycroft:
mycroft: "Incomming call from Jon Doe."
me: “Accept the call.” or “Reject” or "Redirect to mailbox"
If call is accepted, mycroft than forwards the audio to the speakers.

I think this would be a great feature and also separated mycroft from other solutions.