Voice post production software for low end hardware - looking for suggestions

Hi everyone! As you might recall, we’re hard at work on the upcoming Mimic 2 voices. We’ve been busy sampling a new voice, courtesy of my colleague @kusal-mycroft. My colleague @Mn0491 has been working super-hard tuning hyper-parameters in Tensorflow to help train the machine learning network to produce a clean, easy to listen to, and life-like voice.

While progress has been steady, one of the challenges we’ve encountered has been the time it takes to train each epoch.

Is anyone aware of any voice post-production software that works on lower-end hardware? That way we can better train the voice - and have new voices ready for you quicker :slight_smile:

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Hi Kathy,
are you looking for audio post-production software for editing audio files, e.g. Cutting, denoising, leveling etc.?

Exactly - we’re trying to make the voice smoother, more natural and more levelled.

OK, did you already try Audacity (audacity.org) which is free (GNU GPL) software? It has the basic function and effects built in, including the ability for batch processing.

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There are many plugins available as well, not sure what ones may be helpful.