Voice not working

So I programmed some new skills and then the Mark 1 just stopped talking. His lips are moving and he hears me and also resposes, wich i can see in the command line. He is also able to play songs and if the return to any long question, is a long sentence, he says maybe 2 out of 20 words.

If anyone has any ideas, how to fix this problem, I’d appreciate it.

Are you using the premium voice or the original Allan Pope voice ?
If using the Premium voice it could be related to bad internet connection.

One good idea is disable/remove your newly created skill and se if he still has problems. Then you know if it is your skil or not that gives problems.

Also look in th logs if anything could be of interesting there. The logs are located in /var/log/mycroft and i could think that the udio.log were of interest.

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Hi bestbuddies, I’m assuming that rebooting the device doesn’t help?

If none of andlo’s suggestions work, it would be good to check the skills.log as well as the audio.log. Feel free to drop them in a pastebin and provide a link that we can have a look through to help diagnose.