Voice Install Requirement/Skills in General

Hej Guys,
I am really new to the whole project and the github in general.
What I find a little confusing is the way to install or specifically find skills for mycroft. But I found the Skill-Repo, which help, I guess.
If I understand correctly, the Skills which are tested and approved get into the marketplace, right? What about voice installation? I thought that is also reserved for marketplace skills, but the OpenHAB has apprently one even though it is not in yet. Maybe there is more to it than I see?
Thanks for clarification.
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@edit: I feel extensivly stupid, just found the openHAB in the Marketplace, don’t know why I missed that 5 min before. So I figure my question is futile?
Marketplace=Voice installation?

They’re separate. Voice install initiates locally to mycroft. Marketplace install is a remote install.

But you are correct that voice installation only works for Skills in the Marketplace.

Same if you install via the command line with just a name eg:
mycroft-msm install cocktails
will search the mycroft-skills repo and install the Skill at the approved commit

You can also use:
mycroft-msm install https://github.com/author/skill-repo
to install Skills from any github repo, but these of course haven’t been reviewed by the Skill Testing Team.

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