Very slow response time

I have PiCroft on Raspberry Pi 4 with the Google Voice HAT v1. All seems to work, but it takes a really long time before MyCroft replies.
The RPI4 is fast enough for this I would think, and my internet-connection is not fabulous, but fast enough.
I use PiCroft headless, I ssh into it to see what happens. I can see there, my questions is understood quite fast, but then MyCroft takes a minute before producing an answer. It’s in the terminal more or less at the same time the Rasperry speaks it.

Is this to be expected or do you have better experiences?

I know this question is already asked: Response time too long - #4 by Ronald_Wiplinger but there is no answer to it yet.
I use the default voice, so no Google TTS trouble like here, I think: Speech result very slow - #21 by tiredoftry

I was seeing the same thing and it resulted in me unplugging Mycroft for now. I’m hoping to see some options come from others as I would very much like to switch away from Amazon and Google.

Yes, true.
But if this is a general problem, how come it’s not mentioned more? Or are just very few people trying Mycroft?

I would buy a Mycroft Device, but not if it’s not tested to be working on a RPi first…

I also see this behavior since switching my Picroft to Mimic3. The delay before the response seems proportional to the length of the response (i.e., a longer response will have a longer delay before it starts speaking). This was far less noticeable back when I was using Mimic1.