Uvbuntu / VirtualBox / Messagebus Bug

We’re using Mycroft for a workshop, and a few people are trying it out using VirtualBox emulators.

Everything works until one installs mycroft-messagebus-client. I think it has to do with how websockets are treated?

Mycroft hangs on “Establishing Messagebus Connection”. Even if later messagebus-client module is uninstalled, the error prevails.

Any leads?

[Update] it seems that a Python script can connect to the client fine (the object is initialized) so only on Mycroft side it seems to be hanging.

[Update2] same issue on Parallels Desktop

[update] in enclosure.log i found an ERROR stating “on_message” takes 2 positional arguments but 3 were given,
and “on_open” takes 1 but 2 were given.