[Utility] Baby care control

Skill name: baby-care-control-skill

User story:

As a father I want this Skill to write into somewhere like google spreadsheets -so I can share easily with my wife, so a nextcloud OnlyOffice or Collabora Office spreadsheet could do the job as well- when I feed the baby and how for long, when I changed the diaper and if there was a pee, a poo, or both, or when the baby felt asleep.

That’s pretty important in the first few weeks or months of a newborn’s life, especially if he or she has been premature.

So the idea would be fill a spreadsheet with this information.

For those (un)fortunate who has more than one newborn child -twins, triplets, etc- it would be great to let specify the child’s name in order to fill the corresponding spreadsheet (or add an extra column with the child’s name)

NB: Functionality could be expanded with supplement milk when the baby has six months, or with solid foodstuffs when is even older, so this skill could be a great companion for parents during all the baby growth.

What third party services, data sets or platforms will the Skill interact with?
Google Spreadsheets
Are there similar Mycroft Skills already?
No, as far as I know

What will the user Speak to trigger the Skill?
Whenever the user says any of the following triggers, the Skill has to see in first place what day is currently and fill the corresponding row. Poops and pees, navel cleanings and vitamin D supplements are auto increments, and all feeds periods should lie on the same row.

  • “Just started breeding my son/daughter/name” and “Just stopped breeding my son/daughter/name” : This will add the starting time and ending time of a breading, if it is breastfeeding, we could also specify which breast was used (left or right) so the mother can see what was the last breast used
  • “I’ve changed the diaper for a poo|pee|perfect to my son/daughter/name” : This will increment the poo, pee or both columns.
  • “Just cleaned the navel of my son/daughter/name” : This will increment the Navel Cleaning column.
  • “Just gave vitamin D” to my son/daughter/name : This will increment the Vitamin D column.
  • “When was the last breeding”: This is unnecessary, but cool, to know if it’s necessary to wake up the baby
  • “What was the latest breast used”: Useful for those sleepy and disoriented moms who have forgotten which breast they need to use next.

What phrases will Mycroft Speak?

With all the “inserts” on the Google Spreadshet, Mycroft should say something fast, just letting know the user it has recorded successfully the item on the spreadsheet, like

  • “Done”
  • “Pee|Poo|Feed|Diaper|Cleaning|etc recorded”

When answering to mother’s questions, like the time she feed the baby or what was the breast she used:

  • “Last feed was at XX:XX and took Y minutes”
  • “Last breast used was left|right”

What Skill Settings will this Skill need to store?

  • OAUth’s credentials or another Google authentication mechanism
  • Spreadsheet name

Other comments?
I find no useful software to keep track of that scenario. Something that the mother could use easily at any time when she is feeding the child, and keep a detailed log somewhere where she could see the progress of her effort. Besides, having it on a shared spreadsheet will help a lot to keep a detailed track and take a look anywhere -like in the pediatrician and midwife’s visit- just with her smartphone. Surely there are plenty of smartphone apps doing this and a lot more, but they are not so convenient if the smartphone isn’t on the reach of the mom when she is feeding the baby, and probably that record will be missed or imprecise.

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Yeah this would have been so useful in the first few weeks when you have no idea what day it is let alone how many times the “input/output cycle” has completed!

I can see the underlying functionality being really helpful for tracking pretty much anything too - exercise, house jobs, when you actually stood up from your desk, etc.

He he he, that’s what I’m living right now… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, this could be extended|forked to whatever action need to be logged and reviewed, like remote working logging, aliment ingest in a diet, water drinking, etc

I know there are plenty of backends developers would prefer to store information rather than a spreadsheet, the idea in using that is make easier for the user to see the raw data and easily share with other people if they want. I currently have created a google spreadsheet with my wife with those baby-control stuff, and created a shortcut which opens directly that spreadsheet on her phone, I’m currently using knocki to fill it, but it doesn’t works very well and it eats four AAA batteries in three days, besides she needs to remember the “knocks” for each action, and at 4 am that’s quite impossible for her, that’s why I though Mycroft would do the job perfect there.