Using the Mark II as more generalized lite server

Since my Mark II the only always-on device in my house, i want it to be the primary server for a few simple things. That just means installing/configuring a few other linux apps.

  1. vdirsyncer, keeping multiple PIM clouds in contact. Also future expansion to voice control managing todo list.

  2. syncthing, for keeping remote devices in sync even when my desktop is off.

  3. homeassistant. Eventually buy an antennae.

I want these configurations to persist across upgrades, and also be easily re-installable should some future NeonOS/NeonAI installation get borked and require reflashing.

What’s the futureproof way to set this up? Do I need to care about the venv, etc? I can SSH into the MarkII, but otherwise am not sure how things are set up, or how to go about safely getting these things going.

Hey, sounds like you have some cool plans! I’m not familiar with vdirsyncer, but if it’s lightweight enough it should work. Same with other utils. Just keep in mind the Neon software uses basically all of your device’s resources, so it’s not ideal to install much on it.

For Home Assistant, I’d strongly recommend separate hardware. I’ve run it on an RPi3 and it did ok. On a Beelink x86 mini PC it runs great. There are just not enough resources to share between Neon and Home Assistant, not to mention HA often runs on its own buildroot image.


Okay, I hear ya on the HA, I’ll think about expanding that later.

Updates through the voice-interface and whatnot won’t mess with the underlying linux/NeonOS install?

And what’s the proper way to get out of the venv once I SSH in? I’ve honestly just been running sudo bash to escape, haha.