Using the Emby Server Skill

I’ve installed the Emby server skill, and I’ve filled my Emby Server with music and I’m having the worst time trying to get Mycroft to play any of it.

The only Emby command it performs well is the command “Check Emby”. It does that perfectly every time and tells me it is ready to play music.

The Emby Project is getting better and better and is under active development. It’s a shame we can’t get it working better in Mycroft.

Even when I use mycroft-cli-client and type in the request it can’t figure out what I want to do.

Hey Rick, welcome to the forums!

What phrasing are you using? Personally I find it is most effective saying:

  • “play ____ from emby”
  • “play artist ____ from emby”
  • etc

But knowing what terms you were using would be useful for the Skill author to consider additions to their vocabulary

Would also be interesting to see the Skill logs from /var/log/mycroft/skills.log to see what your requests are being transcribed as by the STT, and then how the system is handling them. It may be the Emby Skill, or it could be the Common Play Framework doing something.