Using Mycroft Precise


I would like to use Mycroft technology in my own app. I want it it continuously listen and provide a notification when the user says a word. If I want to add Mycroft precise to my code, will I need to run it in Linux Ubuntu or can I download and start coding in my Mac using a python ide terminal.


Try downloading and running and see how it works for you first perhaps? You can probably make it work on a mac, though.

I tried downloading by following the git hub guide, however i kept getting an error. This is why I am not sure if its because i should be on linux or it is a different error

If you’re having an error, might be useful to look up what that is on a search engine, then if you can’t find anything that fixes it, post here with verbose text of what you’ve tried, what happened for those attempts, what the logs say, your environment you’re running in, etc.