Using Mycroft on my Rasa chatbot

Is it possible to use Mycroft on my already built Rasa chatbot in our very own servers without any cloud processing needed or any other external processing?

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Maybe this is of help for you: Connecting Rasa to Mycroft: A Guide


you are definitely looking for a rasa fallback skill. that has not yet been created. but i have created a working permanent connection between rasa and mattermost. maybe i can help?

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i wanna use the device’s mic no extra hardware is it applicable?

I try to understand you. Do you want a chatbot with voice input or do you want mycroft with rasa as fallback. Both can be installed on one device, with rasa responding slowly.

can you please help me with this

i want mycroft with rasa! i allrady have my chatbot done but i need to add a voice feature to it. this chatbot can be access via web or even installed in users devices. am i clear now?