Using Amazon Echo as a mic?

Ive been looking for a while now to try and find a mic set up for when i finally get my hands on the Mycroft software, but it seems nothing is even close to having the range of my amazon echo. So i was wondering if anyone possibly had any experience hacking an echo, to possibly us its mic array to control Mycroft. It might seem silly to disassemble or mod one AI systems hardware/software to add to another. But considering the echo dot is only $90 and a decent omnidirectional mic can run several hundred dollars, i thought it was worth thinking about. So what do y’all think? possible?

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Hey @arch_nerd - we are experimenting with an auto-gain mic that during side-by-side tests seems to compete quite well with the Echo’s mic array in range.

@ryanleesipes Awesome! do y’all plan on releasing some info on recommended mic setups for those of use who pledged just for the software?

@ryanleesipes, can you give us details of the microphone array you’ve been using?