Using a Nabaztag as the Physical part of Mycroft

Hi all,

I’m totally new to Mycroft and I’m looking for some help to realise my project.

My main idea is to reuse an old smart object called Nabaztag as the physical part of Mycroft, ie the part we interact with. The brain cannot be ensured by Nabaztag because it is really really dumb. So, I plan to use a RaspberryPi for the logic part.

The big picture is as follow:

  • Nabaztag is able/responsible of recording the sentence, playing the response (if any) and displaying colours as visual feedback,
  • RaspberryPi is running Mycroft, receiving the recorded sentence from Nabaztag and sending response to Nabaztag.

More technically:

  • Nabaztag and RaspberryPi are connected by WiFi.
  • Nabaztag needs a web server to fetch its firmware and to send its recorded audio sound.
  • Nabaztag record uses RIFF.
  • The Nabaztag does not need to listen for the magic sentence as it as a physical button we can use to start the record.

So, the main questions are:

  • do you think it is possible to do such extension?
  • where to start? :wink:

Thanks for any help / bootstrap.

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Never heard of Nabaztag so not familiar with it’s features, but if you can program Nabaztag to do a voice recording, you could send the voice recording via a REST api into a Mycroft server that’s hosted in the cloud. The Mycroft server should be used to process the voice data and send back a response. aA community member has a good video tutorial on how to host Mycroft on the cloud below.