Use Mycroft tts engine (mimic?) on GNU+Linux, especially Firefox

Hi all, I’m new here and was wondering whether it’s possible to use Mycroft’s text to speech engine in Firefox, for example to make it read out articles for me. I’ve found Mimic and a help page how to install it, but it looks like you have to compile it yourself. Is there no package for distros and if not, why?

Have you tried any of the Firefox Addons. There are a couple that will do this with very little effort.

Hey pcwii, thanks for the reply. Yeah I have, but most of them did not work or used the system’s default voice which I can barely understand and don’t know how to change. There is one that is supposed to use Google’s TTS engine I think but I’d rather use a more open engine. Can you recommend any?

There’s not a package for it, but compiling it shouldn’t be too difficult. It does take a bit of time if you compile the voices as well. No packages due to no maintainers willing to make and update said packages, more than likely.

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This topic will get you going with installing Mimic. Not that difficult.

After that, it is up to you how to connect it to Firefox.


It’s likely to be possible, and big thx to @j1nx for the standalone link - however you would need to compile it as a plugin / extension for Firefox.

There actually was a package for Fedora, worked flawlessly, cool!
Now I know Firefox can or could use a voice installed on the system because that was once a feature of Reader Mode. However that feature is gone and I don’t know how to change the TTS engine.
Please get back to me if you are interested too or know help. Until then I guess I’ll have to ask the Firefox community for help.
Thanks for your replies everyone