Use custom Speech To Text

We do have an own speech to text solution whcih we do want to integrate. Is there any documentation on how to integrate such a custom module into mycroft?

Hi @Dominik

Thanks for your reply. I do know this page in the documentation. There is all the information available if i want to use an available STT engine like google, kodi, amazon, …

But I do want to use my custom/self-made STT engine. Is there any documentation on thow to build such a custom integration? Or any advice where to look at?

you can make a plugin

you can check out my plugins for reference

Look into to get an idea how the existing STT modules were implemented. The basic principle is that the recorded audio is passed as file/stream to the STT engine and a text-string is returned. Everything else is engine-specific checks for supported languages, credentials, audio format etc.

@JarbasAl / @Dominik Perfect, these are exactly the information I was looking for. Thank you!