USB Wifi adapter with 5ghz for Pi3B

I would like to finally get Mycroft on my 5ghz band. I am running him rock solid these past few months on a Pi3B (not +). If I get a an adapter compatible with Raspbian, is it just plug and play? Any adapter recommendations?

As long as the networking works, mycroft shouldn’t care if it’s usb or built in.

And disable the onboard wifi from within config.txt

Then you only have a wlan0 device, and all scripts and such don’t know the difference.

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I’m having a hell of time finding a suitable adapter. Almost all the listings I find compatible with debian buster are 2.4ghz. I found this Brostrend 650mbps Linux adapter, but they want you to email them with your purchase info, so they can email you a link to the driver…sounds weird. It is manufactured by a company called Trend-Tech, and they won’t list what chipset it runs on.

Addendum question to @baconator and/or @j1nx .

I don’t think I’ll find an adapter. I had an a idea of a Pi4, but I’m thinking a Pi3B+. It is physically the same as the Pi3B, but has built in 5ghz. Can I just swap my SD card over, or should I reinstall Mycroft from scratch?

Honestly if you’re going to do all that other stuff potentially on the same pi, a 4 would be the right way to go.

Which is true, but then I would have to literally redesign my case for Mycroft. $35 is actually more appealing than a bunch on time in tinkercad, then around 20+ hours 3D printing another case. I’ll think about it. I mean, I would be out $ with either Pi version, but the 3B+ would be fit instantly in the case.

But do you think a reinstall would be necessary, other than updating then swapping the SD card over?

I doubt you’d need to reimage for a 3b->3b+.

Figured I’d post my success. I’ve had a lot of other stuff around the house to do, but migrating was successful. I now have Mycroft on the 5ghz network, and don’t have to worry about whitelisting him on every rule for my IOT VLAN.

I just updated raspbian, then edited the wpa_supplicant.conf and it worked.

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