USB Speaker/Mic


I am trying to use a Kaysuda usb speakerphone device and I can only get so far with it.

I’ve been following the steps in Audio Troubleshooting - Mycroft AI

I can use the “arecord” and “aplay” commands alright (and hear my own recorded voice as a result)

I can’t get it to work with the “mycroft-start audiotest” command.

Can anyone point me in the direction that I should look at, as it seem that it could be made to work, as the pi itself can interface with the device, so hopefully over the most difficult hurdles.


Welcome cmodyssey :slight_smile:

When playing with aplay do you use any special flags for that command?

Can you double check your configured play commands? From the terminal run:

mycroft-config get play_wav_cmdline

If they are using flags and they’re not needed, they can be removed, else you can add in flags to specify which device to use etc.


mycroft-config set play_wav_cmdline "aplay %1"

Edit: there’s also play_mp3_cmdline and play_ogg_cmdline

Hi gez-mycroft,

Thanks for getting back to me.

That has moved me one step along, as the parameters I did have were:

aplay -Dhw:0,0 %1

So I have removed those flags and now the “mycroft-start audiotest” command works!

I have also made sure that the hw:0,0 specification is not present for play_mp3_cmdline and play_ogg_cmdline

Could you let me know how I get back to the auto setup please?

When I reboot the pi, I get this menu:

Let's test and adjust the volume

Only trouble is I can’t hear any audio when I press any of the numbers or the letter ‘T’.

If I break out of the menu, “mycroft-start audiotest” still works, so those set commands are persistent beyond a reboot.

Could you let me know what I could try to get this bit going as well please?



Hey I’m on the road and don’t have a picroft to check but from memory you should be able to run:


Thanks for that, I can get the setup wizard to play the test now!