USB microphone to use in Linux for VocaliD

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good and reasonable USB microphone to use in Ubuntu ?
I am thinking of contributing to VocaliD which I found after looking at Mycroft links for Mimic.
Thank You

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@thepcboss - We use Snowball Ice Microphones from Blue Microphones here at the office for testing Mycroft. They are relatively inexpensive, look attractive and put out good sound.

I am sure that Dr. Patel would really appreciate your contribution to the Human Voice Bank. Thanks for offering to share your voice!

Joshua Montgomery

Joshua, thanks for the suggestions I will look in to it, I have also been in contact with Adam & The VocaliD Team.

Thanks for the suggestion.
I’ve already heard they make very good microphones, I didn’t know they were playing nicely with linux.

I’m still looking for a mic to put on my RPI 2, I considered the snowball but I think the range is quite low, I want to use it at several meters so I want it to be pretty sensible.
Then I considered the blue yeti which is much more sensitive.

And then, I read about better mics for speach recognition such as ones on but they looks rather unattractive and expensive…

Edit : after some readings, I might get a samson go mic :

They seem to be good for speech recognition and not bad at long range :slight_smile:

Edit 2 : Well, I still haven’t bought my mic. I’m really very curious about which choice will Mycroft do for its hardware !

Edit 3 : Ok guys,

I bought one of those conference mics which are good for long distance :


Try a 1st gen Microsoft Kinect. They have an excellent microphone array and can be picked up for like $20 at Gamestop.

Good idea too, but it’s okay, I found my mic. I will tell you the results :wink:

I am in a similar situation, I bought a Jabra 410 but the volume is low whatever software option I use. Could you share the results plz ?