USB microphone for Raspberry Pi

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good USB microphone to use on a Raspeberry Pi? I’d like to get something to use to test the Mycroft AI when the SDK gets released later. Thanks in advance.

This isn’t USB but I’m using a Cirrus Logic Raspberry Pi sound card for experimenting with speech recognition. (Also sound localization but that’s another story). The sound card has two MEMs microphones on it and stereo line in if you need a better microphone.

You can get the card from AdaFruit, MCM electronics, or Newark:

@jhusum yeah, we use any of the Blue mics for some testing. They have high quality but aren’t really all that cheap - so that is a drawback.

Other than that, fortunately any USB mic should work. So at least your choices aren’t limited.

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I am using Logicool HD Webcam C270 (its inbuilt Mic) for testing with Raspberry Pi. Result are so for good. On raspbian its just PnP and no need to install any driver for it.


Just for some clarification, we recently found out we don’t us any of the Blue mics. Right now, we’re dependent on a mic that supports a 16khz sample rate, and there are a handful of Blue mics that don’t. I was really surprised when we dug in and found that out, but alas.

To date, we’ve had support with the Blue mics, built-in mics on a number of Linux laptops (I run a thinkpad and I think @ryanleesipes is on a spiffy new System 76), and I believe that @Arron_Atchison is running stuff on a macbook. I believe there is a plan in place to release software only to some of the community prior to hardware, at which point we’ll start building a hardware compatibility matrix. Do not hold me to this plan, as I have been known to make things up.

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@seanfitz Which Mic is this, support 16KHz sample rate ?

Now that I’ve got my Pi up and running I thought of this same question. The board linked to on mcm electronics is no longer available it seems.

Now that its a year later, what’s the best mic to get for a Raspberry Pi?

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We have a page of recommendations on the Picroft Enclosure Git wiki:

That page points to different docs and hardware suggestions are gone in the new place