Upload information from a skill to home.mycroft.ai


Is there a way to upload information collected from a skill to home.mycroft.ai and pre-fill a skill’s fields?


Answer from @gez-mycroft on chat.

Along the same lines, I have been playing with having a skill re-write the settingsmeta.yaml file in its root directory. I can change content, or pre load fields with text strings locally, and then they get pulled to the mycroft server skills settings page.

Not sure this would allow you to upload information in a usable way, but i know that a skill can read it’s own settings once they are uploaded.

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That could be a solution, do you have any code available on GitHub?
Does the settingsmeta.yaml will not be overrided and prevent the skill update?

That is a very good question. I just put this together a few days ago and haven’t looked at that. I’m new to Mycroft and newer to Github. I have noticed that the while lookups on the Mycroft server are giving me the right answer for visible information, they seem to give me answers from prior settings files that were longer than the current settings file. I have been waiting to see if the invisible records go away by themselves.