Updated status or wiki for offline use

I know about a year ago there was talks about mycroft and offline use. I’d like to know if that is currently working and if so where its documented in that one could built it up on a PI and try it out. We live out of town and we often have internet outages so Alexa becomes dumb at that point and we need something that will still work offline. The use of snowboy would also be a big plus as the overhead for it is small compared to some of the others like pocketsphinx

Great question, @Travis_Andrew.

At this stage, the key online dependency is the STT layer, which defaults to Google STT, and is dependent on an internet connection. We’ve written about what our path forward is here -ie. our move to Mozilla DeepSpeech.

The Precise Wake Word listener can be used offline (which is the layer for which Snowboy is an alternative).

At this stage, Mycroft devices are still dependent on home.mycroft.ai, however the key role this platform plays is to abstract and anonymize API calls to external services, and some members of our community have decoupled Mycroft devices from home.mycroft.ai.

snowboy is supported now
many skills wont work offline
pocketsphinx aint great…
no mycroft.home
with that in mind, https://github.com/JarbasAl/jarbas-core/tree/private