Updated mike99mac/mycoft-tools package

Hello Mycrofters,

I was working on skills and always found myself cd-ing to the directory and listing all intent/dialog/etc files. I decided it was time to add a quick helper script to the mycroft-tools repo I maintain. Now ‘lsskill ’ will do it more quickly. For example:

$ lsskill /opt/mycroft/skills/ice-cream-shop-skill/locale/en-us
All files in /opt/mycroft/skills/ice-cream-shop-skill/locale/en-us:

File: shop.cream.ice.dialog
Here's your {flavor} ice cream!
{flavor}, sure thing!
File: shop.cream.ice.intent
Do you like {flavor} ice cream

I also was beginning to forget all the different scripts in there, so I added another one ‘lsmycrofttools’:

$ lsmycrofttools
lsenv          - List the Mycroft environment - what services are running?
lsintent       - List Mycroft intents - What can I say?
lsmycrofttools - List all tools in the mycroft-tools repo (this file)
lspairing      - List the Mycroft pairing code to pair a new device with mycroft.ai
lsskill        - List intent, etc files of one Mycroft skills
lsskills       - List Mycroft skills installed or not installed
lstemp         - Report the temperature of the Raspberry Pi
lsvocab        - List Mycroft vocabularies - what are the pieces of requests recognized?
testplay       - Play back a recorded file to test your speakers
testrecord     - Record for a short while and save to a file to test your microphone

I checked all the new code in to github and added a Change Log to the README. It can be installed with:

$ git clone https://github.com/mike99mac/mycroft-tools.git

If you find a bug or have a feature to add, let me know. Hope this helps the community …

-Mike M