Update on boombox startup

Hello Mycrofters,

Here’s an update on the startup smartboomboxes.com which is totally based on Mycroft, FOSS and privacy. I met with the Hudson Valley Center for Innovation (HVCI) today - a group trying to foster startups and business in NY state’s Hudson Valley. I presented them with our status on the proposed Smart Boombox:

  • Assembling and learning newly purchased CNC machine and laser engraver
  • NY SBDC helping to move smartboomboxes.com from Google Sites to DreamHost with Credit Card apps (WooCommerce)
  • Mycroft/Jellyfin/pa/alsa/Linux music playing software stack is coming along - see document cited below
  • New prototype boombox is necessary - first prototype target: Nov 30th (watch this space)

Details on the new prototype: As partexpress.com has discontinued the 3-1/2" Tang Band subwoofer used in the current box, but now offers a 5-1/4" for about the same price, there is a need to change. Here are some details:

  • 50% larger subwoofer => 50% better bass? hopefully…
  • Larger frame to house larger subwoofer + more room in top enclosure
  • More powerful amp (200w total vs. 120w)
  • More amp controls (Vol+Treb+Bass+SubVol+SubCutover vs. Vol+Bass)
  • 1/2" Baltic birch (best wood for speaker enclosures?) rather than laminated 2/5" plywood
  • More appealing luminated power switch
  • Raspberry Pi USBs/RJ45 not exposed => cleaner front panel
  • Mostly CNC-cut parts vs. manually cut
  • Laser engraved lettering vs. stickers

Manufacturing - There is a possibility of partnering with the veteran’s group “Hudson Valley Center for Veterans Reintegration” (HVCVR):

  • Possible industrial space for construction and to house laser engraver and CNC machine
  • Possible local jobs for veterans returning from service overseas

I’ve described building the software stack at https://github.com/mike99mac/mycroft-tools/blob/master/smartBoombox.pdf

If you have time to look at this document and give feedback (especially on section 1.2 “Choices Made”) it would be greatly appreciated.


-Mike M


Guess you have some prototype ready, what is the mic level say when the thing goes boom? I would guess onwards a certain level you have to turn it off manually. Maybe add a ir receiver?
Can’t shake it, love to see Christopher Rogers Face Wake (repurposed to additionally Volume down) on this. :wink:

And to add: I do think it needs such kind of twist to take off


At about half volume in debug mode - over 2000
I was able to stop it with a loud “Hey Mycroft” just now. Usually I turn the volume down first.

IR receiver? why?

-Mike M