Uninstalled skills appear back after a while

I need to uninstall two skills I will never use: spotify (I don’t have a premium subscription) and pandora (I’m outside the US) and I want to test plexmusic-skill, which hotword is “play”, and mycroft insists in try Pandora skill with that word, so I’ve uninstalled those skills, both with msm remove and directly with rm -rf /opt/mycroft/skills/...

The skills, after a while, appear back after several minutes or the mark 1 reboot.

I don’t know how to completely get rid of a skill I don’t want.

Hi Malevolent, I know I posted this in Chat already but just in case others are looking for this in the future…

Default Mycroft Skills will return unless you blacklist them in your mycroft-conf, the following should sort that out:

"skills": {
    "blacklisted_skills": ["mycroft-pandora", "mycroft-spotify"]

More details on mycroft-conf in the documentation:

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Sweet! Thank you @gez-mycroft!
You saved my day :blush:

P.s. That’s why I posted the question on the forum, besides it will be indexed by search engines, I think is a better place to search for recurrent questions

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I am new to Mycroft and I still cannot stop these skills from loading. I am running picroft on a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.2 with mycroft-core: 20.2.4

In the mycroft.conf file, on the blacklist line, I have the following:

“blacklisted_skills”: [“skill-media”, “send_sms”, “mycroft-playback-control.mycroftai”,“skill-wolfram-alpha”, “pianobar-skill”, “fallback-wolfram-alpha.mycroftai”, “mycroft-alarm.mycroftai”, “mycroft-joke.mycroftai”,“mycroft-naptime.mycroftai”,“mycroft-npr-news.mycroftai”,“mycroft-personal.mycroftai”,“mycroft-playback-control.mycroftai”,“mycroft-reminder.mycroftai”,“mycroft-singing.mycroftai”,“mycroft-stock.mycroftai”,“mycroft-timer.mycroftai”,“mycroft-weather.mycroftai”,“mycroft-wiki.mycroftai”, “mycroft-fallback-duck-duck-go.mycroftai”],

The instructions in the .conf file say that I should include the .mycroftai if it exists in the skill name as listed in the /opt/mycroft/skills directory, but I have tried it both ways (with and without .mycroftai) and the skills reload anyway.

I have looked in the other mycroft.conf files and there is no “blacklisted_skills” line so I think I am in the right place (~/mycroft-core/mycroft/configuration/mycroft.conf)

What am I missing here? I’m sure it is something simple.

Alternatively, is there a way to disable all skill checking without having to specify individual skills in a list? Essentially, a skills code freeze. Just a thought.

Thanks in advance.