Unable to load start.mycroft.ai

I just got my Mark 1. I plugged it in and it told me to go to the MYCROFT SSID. I did that, got redirected to the start.mycroft.ai site with the spinning blue dots but nothing else happens.
I have tried it via my iPhone, my windows 10 laptop (both chrome and edge) but nothing happens on any device. I am stumped. What should I do next?
screen shot

Thanks for letting us know about this issue @bu2chlc. There are a couple of things I’d like to check if possible:

  • What sort of router / wireless network are you trying to connect to? What sort of authentication does it use?
  • What is the name of the SSID and does it contain any non-Latin characters?
  • What channel is the SSID operating on? I ask because we’ve seen issues on Channel 12 and Channel 13 previously.

There are some deeper diagnostics we can run, but they mean sshing into the Mark 1 device and running some commands on the command line - is that something you would be comfortable with?

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For a firewall I have a sonicwall TZ300.
WiFi is provided by openmesh MR1750 Dual Band 802.11ac Access Point.
SSID is “media” with a few upper and lower characters and numbers. (WPA)
SSID is channel 1
I am not sure how to connect manually to the mark 1, but willing to give it a shot!

Thanks so much for confirming those details :slight_smile:

There’s nothing there that’s immediately standing out as the cause.

We do have some information available on manually configuring your WiFi connection (the instructions below are for Picroft, but should also work on Mark 1):

If these don’t work, let me know and we can do some wireless antenna-level diagnostics on the Mark 1 :thumbsup: